The world out there

It’s not deemed socially a good thing, but I am now unemployed for the first time ever since I finished university! So now the countdown has truly begun for my move to the UK.

The next three weeks before I depart on 21 December will be a whirlwind of putting my vast collection of crap into storage, spending quality time with my family, last minute farewells with my friends, and trying to fit in some fun stuff in between.

I don’t feel nervous or apprehensive at all about the move – just incredibly excited! It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time, and the thought of seeing all the wonderful cities and cultures around Europe just has me salivating. We already have a trip to Venice booked for Christmas (and trying to fit in some skiing there too), and some short trips to Ireland and Spain. And that’s only until the end of January! Then we have tickets to the Reading Festival in August, which will be an amazing music experience.

So I have redesigned my website in anticipation of lots of stories and updates about our travels around Europe. Hopefully I will be much better at updating my blog from now on than I have been in the last couple of years!

lounge room

Goodbye lounge room!  Goodbye home!

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