Dive 180: Barracuda Point, Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:46:00
Max depth:  26.8 metres
Temperature:  28 C
Visibility:  10 metres
Buddy:  Dhon
Surface interval:  17:17:00

I was quite shocked and surprised last night when I checked the diving board at Kapalai and found out that I would be again diving Sipadan on only my second day!  With only 20-odd permits allocated to the resort to cover around 60-odd divers currently at the resort, I felt very lucky to find myself at Sipadan again.

However, it meant another early morning, and one where I was woken by storms (thunder bolts and lightning, very very frightening) and strong winds blowing my balcony doors shut at 4:00am, only half an hour before my alarm was due to go off anyway!  I had a sinking feeling that the dives would be cancelled today but the storm eventually passed not long after our scheduled departure time so we motored out to Sipadan just before 6:00am.

Our first dive was back at Barracuda Point, but the visibility was noticeably down on yesterday due to the rain and storms.  However we still saw quite a few bumpheaded parrot fish cruising around, a large school of jacks on descent, as well as 4-5 barracuda at around 20m, although no big circling schools this time.

Fish life was still out in force, with lots of cod, surgeon fish, moorish idols, turtles, white tip reef sharks, coral trout and a variety of trigger fish.

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