Dive 181: South Point, Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:47:00
Max depth:  25.0 metres
Temperature:  28 C
Visibility:  10 metres
Buddy:  Dhon
Surface interval:  01:09:00

After a short surface interval, we motored right around to the other side of Sipadan island to dive at South Point.

This was yet another easy and relaxing dive, with loads of turtles, white tip reef sharks, colourful angel and butterfly fish, gobies, although the highlight was seeing an octopus making its way across a patch of dead coral, its tentacles writhing across the bottom whilst its body pulsed constantly changed colour.  Very cool!

The site was mostly covered in loads of hard corals, although there were a few anenome patches, home to spine-cheeked anenome fish.

Strangely, from this dive and for the rest of the dives today, I felt like I could smell diesel fumes in my air.  I gave my reg to Dhon and signalled to him that I had a problem, but he misinterpreted my signals to think that I had a problem with my reg, despite me pointing at my tongue.  Still, he signalled that my reg and the breathing out of it was fine – it must be all in my head.  I spent the dive worrying that I was going to pass out from carbon monoxide poisoning so was sure to stay extra close to Dhon!

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