Dive 183: Barracuda Point, Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:51:00
Max depth:  17.1 metres
Temperature:  28 C
Visibility:  15 metres
Buddy:  Dhon
Surface interval:  01:06:00

Back at Barracuda Point again, and strangely enough, just as with the first dive here today, we didn’t see any large schools of barracuda.  And after seeing them on the two dives here yesterday, I thought it was a guaranteed sighting!!  Maybe they’re all hanging out at Midreef today.

We descended right next to an absolutely massive school of jacks at around 3m, and I got so close to them that my vision was basically a wall of silver fish!  Trying to see just how close I could get to them, I finned into the school Superman-style as they all swam in formation away from me.  I couldn’t help but make myself chuckle at how juvenile that must’ve looked!

We swam over the edge of the wall and at around 10m, I rolled over to look back up to the top of the wall and the stunning blue water view with fish streaming out everywhere.  As I rolled back around, Dhon pointed right beneath me and I looked down to see a turtle about 1.5m directly below me being followed by a bat fish. Very cool!

At the point, we spent a fair bit of time at the large valley of dead coral where there were quite a few white tip reef sharks lounging about on the bottom, clown anemone fish, a lone barracuda with a cleaner wrasse swimming about its gills and mouth, and Dhon even found a large nudibranch (the first one I’ve seen here at Sipadan!).  The coolest thing he found was a little spotted shrimp that was well camouflaged against its soft coral home.  It was very cute, waving its antennae around.

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