Dive 184: Barracuda Point, Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:47:00
Max depth:  27.1 metres
Temperature:  28 C
Visibility:  15 metres
Buddy:  Ralston
Surface interval:  17:01:00

I was lucky to enough to sweet-talk my way into diving Sipadan for a third consecutive day after the ladies from Switzerland were scheduled on but cancelled.  So, for the day, I was the Swiss Barbara Hartman.

Despite storms yet again at 4:00am, they passed over earlier than yesterday and the boat actually left Kapalai on time for Sipadan.  Our first dive was again at Barracuda Point, although we didn’t see barracuda again – it must be too early in the morning for them!

We did however see loads of bumpheaded parrot fish, cruising by us at 25m and schooling in the shallows at the top of the reef.  There was a particularly large one, which I presume is the large alpha male of the group, that was just HUGE with a much more pronounced bump.  He looked pretty damn fierce.

There was quite a current running throughout the dive, which made it mostly a relaxing drift dive, although occasionally we would have to fin into the current to look at the parrot fish.  I was a bit paranoid that we’d get swept right off past the reef and into open ocean!

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