Dive 186: Barracuda Point, Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:48:00
Max depth:  18.3 metres
Temperature:  29 C
Visibility:  15 metres
Buddy:  Ralston
Surface interval:  01:12:00

The DMs seem to love Barracuda Point for some reason – for the third day, I’ve done 2 out of the 4 Sipadan dives here!

There was still a slight current here although not as strong as the first dive this morning.  We descended into the school of jacks that seem to be resident here.  Again, there were quite a few turtle sightings along with white-tip reef sharks, and even the occasional bumpheaded parrot fish (which we were told were more common first thing in the morning rather than this late).

Being a sucker for big fish, the highlight was the enormous school of barracuda at the top of the reef.  I stayed flat and hovered around 5m as the school swayed back and forth and circled away and back.  At one point, the school swam directly in front of my face only 1m away and then the fish at the front circled back and swam straight for me as the rest of the school followed!!  Just as I thought that I was completely outnumbered and they were going to rip me apart with their strong jaws and sharp teeth, the school of fish split and swam either side of me.  Amazing experience!

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