Dive 187: White Tip Avenue, Pulau Sipadan (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:49:00
Max depth:  19.5 metres
Temperature:  30 C
Visibility:  15 metres
Buddy:  Ralston
Surface interval:  01:12:00

You would think that, given the name of this site, that it would be teeming with white-tip reef sharks and guaranteed sightings.  However, given that I have had a couple of dives at Barracuda Point without sighting a single barracuda, I wasn’t expecting much!

Fortunately, I did see one shark, but given that I normally dive completely spaced out anyway there were probably another 20 that I didn’t see.  Of course, this made it quite satisfying when I found quite a large octopus hiding in a hole in a rock.  At first I just thought it was part of the rock, but when the rock happened to move when I was about to swim past, that’s when his game was up.  It quickly crawled back into the hole whilst eyeing me swimming by, and it was only when I was truly past that it tried to venture out again.  The unsatisfying part of this was that there was noone else looking in my direction for me to point out the octopus so that I could bask in my own satisfaction.  Damn.

Following the DM, Ralston, was brilliant since he manages to spot the smallest things, including a well camouflaged pale green leaf fish and a tiny crab that was sharing a clown fish’s anemone home.  It was very cute, waving its claws around.

Quite a nice relaxing dive, with the current picking up in the back half of the dive, so we just hovered  mid-water while drifting along.

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