Dive 190: Sea Ventures Oil Rig, Pulau Mabul (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:48:00
Max depth:  18.3 metres
Temperature:  29 C
Visibility:  10 metres
Buddy:  Jose
Surface interval:  03:25:00

The Sea Ventures oil rig sits just off Mabul Island and is a complete blight on the beautiful seascape, in my opinion.  It is now converted to be a resort for divers, and the rig provides some shelter for fish hiding underneath it, as well as an artificial reef from discarded row boats and other junk.

The bottom is less than 20m underneath the rig, and there are small rocky outcrops with big green vase sponges.  There were lots of cool critters here, with the highlight being a tiny little pygmy sea horse so well camouflaged on the fan that it took me ages to figure out what the DM was pointing at!  Then on one of the massive concrete mooring blocks was a green frog fish that looked pretty much exactly like a the green sponges that I would’ve swum straight over it if the DM hadn’t pointed it out.  We also saw quite a few small purple and yellow ribbon eels, tiny translucent shrimp, a giant cuttlefish, a tiny sea spider on a sea fan, and there were schools of pike and some other types of fish sheltering underneath the rig.

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