Dive 193: Lobster Rock, Pulau Si Amil (Malaysia)

Dive time:  00:43:00
Max depth:  25.0 metres
Temperature:  29 C
Visibility:  10 metres
Buddy:  Jose
Surface interval:  01:01:00

We had yet another amazing macro dive here on Si Amil, with Alvin finally finding a pygmy sea horse on a fan – they are just so tiny and so well camouflaged that it takes an eagle eye to see them on the big fans!  (Clearly not in the realm of my abilities!!)

Again, there was absolutely no current so it was just a really chilled out relaxing dive critter-hunting.  We also saw 4 ornate ghost pipe fish floating around one outcrop of rock – amazingly beautiful things, a family of three little squat shrimp, a little banded pipehorse, and a blue ribbon eel.  Jose also found what looked like a colourful coral lobster that was trying to  scurry off to another hiding hole.

I also saw about 3 curious looking coral shrimp fish, all swaying and swimming vertically upside down in unison.  Very strange!

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