Time is money

For once, I am planning on not planning much of trip at all. I’m just going to play it by ear, go with the flow, take it as it comes.  It’s a bit tricky since there are certain things that I want or need to do at certain times – diving the Blue Hole in Belize on my birthday, studying Spanish at a school in Antigua, and visiting one of my World Vision sponsor children in Panama.

Then, my return flight from Bogota to London is at the end of April, although it is changeable.

A lot of people ask me how long I’ll be away for, and the details are always a bit sketchy. I figure that if I’m having a good time living out of a backpack then I can always extend my trip. But if my money runs out sooner from all the diving and partying, then I could be back in London before you can say “see ya later”.

Working out the budget for my trip has not been easy. I have a bit saved up, and I’m hoping that by the time I get my bonus (fingers crossed!), the bond from my current flat, and the money that my brother owes me, I’ll have a decent kitty to play with.

The Lonely Planet guide recommends around US$30 a day (Honduras and Nicaragua are cheap, Belize and Panama not so much) so I think I should be able to travel for a while! However, pressing on my mind is when I should move back to Australia and resume a more serious life. I do want to kick off my exciting business idea after all, and I’m definitely not a spring chicken anymore!

Oh well, plenty of time to ponder the rest of my life later. Only 8 working days left until unemployment!

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