Dive 209: Little Brother, Red Sea (Egypt)

Dive time: 01:02:00
Max depth: 39.3 metres
Temperature: 27 C
Visibility: 25 metres
Buddy: Leena
Surface interval 02:46:00
Mix: EAN 28 (MOD 38.6 metres – 1.4ppO2)

After struggling the last two days with donning my semi-wet 5mm suit, I decided to try a lighter outfit that wouldn’t take all the skin off my knuckles. I put on my long sleeved thermo layer over my bikini and donned my hood, and was set to go.

The Zodiacs dropped us off again on top of the cleaning station plateau and I felt a little chilly on my naked legs as soon as I hit the water but soon got used to the water temperature. I dropped down to the cleaning station, although mindful that my MOD was 38 metres. We saw a grey reef shark at about 30 metres swimming around to the northern side of Little Brother, and then I saw a thresher shark down on the plateau, beautiful with a big black eye and magnificent tail.

I could feel myself sinking a little deeper and was a bit worried when I suddenly looked down on my computer I was at 39 metres, over my MOD at 1.4 ppO2. Eek! I turned back to the reef and ascended a little, and then started finning back along the southern side of the Little Brother back towards the boat.

I ended up doing most of the dive solo, since Leena was hella slow taking photos, and even when I would wait for her, a few minutes later I would turn around and she was way behind me again. Really frustrating. I spent most of the dive at around 10 metres, after chewing through my air at depth earlier in the dive. The reef was beautiful – so colourful and so full of life – and I even saw a large green moray eel swimming out and hunting.

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