Dive 214: Elphinstone Reef, Red Sea (Egypt)

Dive time: 00:56:00
Max depth: 26.5 metres
Temperature: 27 C
Visibility: 15 metres
Buddy: Brian, Nick
Surface interval 02:29:00
Mix: EAN 23 (MOD 48.6 metres – 1.4ppO2)

The plan was the same as the first dive this morning, descending down on the plateau and swimming along the eastern side of the reef, however the current was still ripping through so we ended up swimming straight to the reef instead.

As I cruised along with the drifting current, I saw a giant moray poking its head out of a hole at around 25 metres. At around 25 minutes into the dive, I was cruising at around 12 metres and admiring the unwavering stares of the black and white snapper when a juvenile white tip reef shark swam underneath me, its movements so graceful.

The second half of the dive was mostly spent at around 10 metres and above, where I found another cute little leopard blenny and a white banded pipefish, loads of coral grouper of various sizes, and barracuda.

I was swimming with Brian at the end of the dive since Nick just always shoots off, buoyancy all over the place. When the guys were low on air, they signalled that we would swim out and ascend, with Nick taking out the SMB. However, he was negatively buoyant and was sinking down past 8 metres as he was unfurling it. I had finished my safety stop and was hovering at 3 metres when he deploys the SMB, which had only 5 metres of line, so it shoots out of his hands. I signalled to him that I would grab it, but he just shot up from 8 metres to 3 metres to chase it! Hmmm.

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