Dive 227: Aguas Calientes, Lake Atitlan (Guatemala)

Dive time: 00:50:00
Max depth: 12.2 metres
Temperature: 21 C
Visibility: 3 metres
Buddy: Andy
Altitude dive A2

I wasn’t overly keen to dive in the lake in the first place after hearing about all the contamination and pollution in the lake, but I was assured it was fine. Plus I thought it might be interesting to see some of the volcanic rock formations and feel some hot water vents.

I was buddying with one of the DMs and the viz was quite poor. It wasn’t helped by the silty bottom and that we were swimming behind a bit of a newbie who kicked silt up constantly. Not many fish to speak of, quite a few small crabs scuttling on the bottom, lots of lines and fishing net hazards, and some big igneous rocks scattered around. At one point we put our hands in hot water vents, which looked like dark jelly patches in the sand and felt gooey. Just felt weird and made me giggle and flood my mask!

A fairly uninteresting dive so I decided not to do a second!

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