Dive 229: The Aquarium, Utila (Honduras)

Dive time: 00:44:00
Max depth: 16.2 metres
Temperature: 27 C
Visibility: 15 metres
Buddy: Ed
Surface interval: 00:53:00

A better second dive. The DM in training left me alone for this dive! This was a nice site with good reef growth and gutters and alleys where you swim into and explore a bit.

On descent I pretty much straight away saw a king crab sitting on top of a little coral outcrop, looking hairy with long spindly legs. During the dive I also saw emperor angelfish, grey angelfish, parrotfish, a large lobster, cleaner shrimp, needlefish and a yellowline arrow crab (that almost looked a spider) sitting in a vase sponge.

Still had half a tank of air left.

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