Dive 239: The Labyrinth, Utila (Honduras)

Dive time: 00:42:00
Max depth: 14 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 15 metres
Buddy: Ed
Surface interval: 01:14:00

After spending the surface interval chilling out back at the dock, we motored back out to this site. It is a pretty cool site with lots of channels going in and out of the reef, which no doubt gives the site its name.

We saw a big crab sitting under some rocks and at the top of the reef we saw a couple of squid, and we also saw a massive stingray sitting on a sand patch. One of the guys in the group swam over to it and it took off over the reef. Magnificent creature!

Got a bit lost at the top of the reef (no wonder it’s called the Labyrinth!) so it was a short swim back to the boat.

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