Dive 240: 05, Bocas del Toro (Panama)

Dive time: 00:51:00
Max depth: 14.0 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 8 metres
Buddy: Leandro

I went out Bocas Water Sports and had a good group of fellow experienced divers from Canada and Spain. This site was fairly flat with a sandy bottom and patches of coral and big fans. Viz wasn’t great due to recent rains.

We saw some adult and juvenile spotted drummers, little spiny lobsters, some cleaner shrimp and quite a few types of colourful reef fish – butterflyfish, angelfish and wrasses.

I dived with my 100 lempira watch ($5), which was supposed to be water resistant but I don’t think it liked the water! The LED display went a little funny!

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