Dive 242: Morrito Largo, Tayrona National Park (Colombia)

Dive time: 00:50:00
Max depth: 24.4 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 15 metres
Buddy: Adriana

I’d heard people say that Tayrona wasn’t so great for diving so I guess I had lowish expectations. I went out with Oceano Dive because they were the cheapest at 100,000 for 2 dives ($50). I was the only person on the boat!

This site was really nice with amazing coral growth, loads of fish everywhere. Saw quite a few spotted morays ranging from small juveniles around 30cm long to broad adults. Also saw cleaner shrimp, arrow spider crab, a large seahorse, juvenile and adult spotted drummers, a large pink crab with very beady eyes, big grey angelfish and emperor angelfish, and 8 lionfish, which we should’ve caught if we had a spear and a bag!

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