Dive 243: El Cantil, Tayrona National Park (Colombia)

Dive time: 00:42:00
Max depth: 18 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 12 metres
Buddy: Adriana
Surface interval: 01:45:00

We had an amazingly relaxed surface interval on the shores of Tayrona National Park in a little cabaña with a sandwich and a deck chair overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Really beautiful!

Our second dive was also nice, viz dropped a little but still saw heaps including much of the same as the first dive, 4 more lionfish, and some sort of banded sea snake.

The gear that I dived with was pretty crap – both regs breathed wet and the one that wasn’t the worst leaked air from the hose connection, which was right near my ear. Freaking annoying but at least the diving was quite good.

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