Dive 250: Little Brother, Red Sea (Egypt)

Dive time: 00:59:00
Max depth: 25.9 metres
Temperature: 29 C
Visibility: 25 metres
Buddy: John North
Surface interval 02:15:00
Mix: EAN 30

We jumped off the back of the boat with the plan to just spot sharks. The vis wasn’t as great though, so it was difficult to see anything out in the blue. We basically finned all the way to the northern tip before we reached the 30 minute mark so turned around.

The reef was the same as the morning so it was all about shark spotting. Didn’t see anything bar a barracuda so we surfaced and as we were getting back into the zodiac, John yells “SHARK!” and we looked down to see a small oceanic white tip with some accompanying pilot fish. It circled around our little group as we were bobbing on the surface, and came quite close to us on a few occasions. Every time I saw it swimming towards me I would pull up my legs because I was paranoid it was going to take a nibble!!

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