Dive 251: Little Brother, Red Sea (Egypt)

Dive time: 00:53:00
Max depth: 35.1 metres
Temperature: 29 C
Visibility: 25 metres
Buddy: John North
Surface interval 02:59:00
Mix: EAN 25

HAMMERHEADS!!! All that staring out into the blue finally paid off!

I was down at around 30 metres on the northern plateau, a bit away from the group and the reef. I thought I saw a grey reef shark beyond the visibility but couldn’t quite make it out. As I swam back towards the reef, Fiona the DM pointed down and there were 3 hammerheads swimming beneath us! I could barely contain my excitement, especially when one (a juvenile) swam away from the other 2 and circled back towards me before turning away.

AMAZING! I couldn’t help but do a little dance at John I was that excited!

Also saw a barracuda, black snapper and a cute little network pipefish.

Such an awesome dive – my first hammerheads!!!

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