Dive 259: Marsa Shouna, Red Sea (Egypt)

Dive time: 00:57:00
Max depth: 22.3 metres
Temperature: 28 C
Visibility: 15 metres
Buddy: John North
Surface interval: 02:50:00
Mix: EAN 32

We saw a dugong!!!

We were in the second zodiac and there were already squeals from the snorkellers on the day boats of “DUGONG!!!” so we dropped in and descended beside the first group. I was about 5 metres away from it and could see clouds of sand coming up as it munched on the sea grass.

All of a sudden, the number of divers must’ve got too much and it took off to the surface with a couple of remoras attached. It was just so beautiful and graceful despite its huge bulk. We tried to swim after it but it was too fast (it was swimming so effortlessly that it looked like it was swimming slowly!). We swam around the sea grass patches hoping to see it again but no such luck. However we managed to see a few spotted sea snakes (brown with yellow spots), a couple of juvenile soles, juvenile goatfish, and some large rays.

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