The adjustment period

Almost every single Australian that heads to the UK intends to return Down Under.  Some return after their one-year working holiday, pulling beers at their local pub and then blowing all the money they earned on a shitty flatshare in Shepherd’s Bush and a few Contiki tours.  For others, they end up settling into British life and staying longer than they had initially planned, until they get sick of the weather, and of moaning constantly about how things are better in Australia.

I was one of the latter antipodeans, and returned after three-and-a-bit years away.  Having been back in Australia for nine months now, all I can do is reminisce fondly about is how life was better in London.  Sure the weather was a bit crap, and people always mocked me for saying “thongs”, and “DAH-tah” instead of “DAY-tah”, but it’s only after coming back that I’ve realised in what an expensive, isolated, and history-deprived country we live.  Grocery shopping is a depressing experience when you realise that everything costs twice as much as the UK.  On my second day back in the country, my brother took me to a cafe where an almond croissant cost $5.50 and all I could think about was how it would only cost me £1.70 (less than $3!) in Paul.  Jumping in a plane for 2 hours will get you from London to Barcelona for a weekend city break, but doesn’t even get you from Sydney to Auckland.  And in the UK, you can visit cities that were formerly Norse kingdoms, and ancient Pagan stone circles.  In Australia, we have a some cave drawings in remote parts of the country, and Heritage-listed buildings that are only 100 years old.

Before you all tell me to bugger off back to Engerland, there are of course upsides to living in Australia.  It goes without saying that the weather is rather more pleasant, we have proper beaches, and we have great Asian food.  Our economy is still putting along rather nicely, and incomes are a damn sight better than they are in troubled UK economy.  The newspapers don’t just contain headlines about which married footballer was caught with his pants down with some seedy WAG wannabe.  And our transport system doesn’t grind to a halt from dumpings of snow:


It has taken me a little time to adjust back to Sydney life, but things are going well.  I have a new job and a new car, I’m back living in my little Balmain flat, and I have quite a few travel plans in the pipeline.  So all in all, life is good!  How are you guys going?

3 thoughts on “The adjustment period

  1. Ness

    I’m struggling 😦 really, really struggling to get used to “home”… Because after 8 years away, is this really home anymore? *sigh*


  2. C-L

    Or you could always cross to this side of the channel for a little adventure… the French love to moan so you could get in on some of that action 🙂 The idea of heading back to Australia does scare me… there is so much I will miss about Europe! A couple of weeks ago I was in the south of France, wandering through the rose city (Toulouse), walking along the walls of a stunning castle with 2,000 years of history in Carcassonne, munching on cassoulet, magret de canard, foie gras and calvados soaked camembert. Not to mention the wine… of which you can find highly drinkable bottles for a measly 5€. Or Paris… a city so endlessly intriguing that I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface in the year I’ve been here. If you want C & I to follow you back one day, you’re going to have to keep reminding us both of the sunshine & amazing Asian food that awaits! 🙂 Big hugs x


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