Dive 261: Curtin Artificial Reef, Brisbane

Dive time: 00:38:00
Max depth: 24.4 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 5 metres
Surface interval: 1:24:00
Buddy: Nathan Carey

This was a much better dive after the shocking first one. I ditched my computer and just dived with the bottom timer and my reg was slightly adjusted by Nath during the surface interval so it no longer leaked. Much more comfortable dive!

We swam into a bit of current at the beginning to try to find the first wreck. We saw the concrete pipes, then swam over to Barge 25 and the Melbourne. Nath signalled to Ness and Trevor that we were going to head off in one direction so we split up from them. I think Nath was planning to head to the Estrella del Mar but we ended up off towards Lady Norman and slightly lost.

In the end Nath signalled for us to ascend from 22 metres, so I thought I’d give it a go shooting up a bag while Nathan shot up his. All went well actually, except that there wasn’t really much air in the bag when I got to the surface. I was pretty proud of myself – even Nathan gave me an underwater clap!

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