Dive 262: Gordon’s Bay, Clovelly

Dive time: 00:43:00
Max depth: 14.3 metres
Temperature: 20 C
Visibility: 8 metres
Buddy: Steve Connolly

The enduring memory of diving at Gordon’s Bay for me was Dive 14 when our group struggled at the exit point at low tide, rolling around on the rocks while wave after wave assaulted us.

Thankfully this dive wasn’t as eventful, with a fairly easy entry and mellow, chill out dive. The water was an icy 20C though, and Steve was only wearing a 3mm wetsuit so he started feeling the cold quickly. We saw a Port Jackson shark, a few stingarees, a blue grouper, and a fiddler ray.

We ended up exiting along the rocks, not quite making the exit point, but happy to be out of the cold water. Poor Steve was shivering like a Parkinson’s sufferer!

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