Dive 263: Ex-HMAS Adelaide, Terrigal

Dive time: 00:29:00
Max depth: 28.0 metres
Temperature: 20 C
Visibility: 4 metres
Buddy: Alan and Ange

This was my first time diving with my brother and I was interested to see how he would enjoy his first experience in non-tropical waters with less than 20 metres visibility! Still, I was looking forward to diving on the wreck since it’s a new thing for the Central Coast and it would be interesting to dive it while it was sunk relatively recently so that I could see the changes on it over time.

The boat ride out to the wreck was short and surface conditions were pretty good with only a slight swell. The visibility was pretty poor though, and as we went down the line we could only see completely green water and didn’t actually see the wreck until we were literally on it.

The dive was pretty short – we went into the bridge and swam through to the other side, then going forward and down, then swimming back around to the port side and back up to the bridge. Soon after this, the dive guide signalled that Al had only 80 bar and paired him back up with Ange for them to head back to the surface. I was to stay down with another group of three but they soon headed back up.

At this stage I still had around 120 bar of air, but didn’t know whether I should potter around on my own, so headed back up as well. Surfaced to see Al hanging over the side of the RIB and looking a bit green.

Not a very adventurous dive!

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