Dive 264: Ex-HMAS Adelaide, Terrigal

Dive time: 00:33:00
Max depth: 32.9 metres
Temperature: 20 C
Visibility: 4 metres
Buddy: Ben

Al and Ange decided to sit out on this dive after not feeling so good following the previous dive, so I was buddied with the dive guide Ben and another dude.

This was a much more fun dive, after we penetrated different parts of the wreck. We swam into the wreck on the middle decks and kept heading down and along the wreck. We saw a some toilets, filing cabinets, what looked like bunk bed frames, and massive holds. We came back up and swam right along the forward deck to the bow, then up to the bridge again where this time I felt up the swivel chair (still leathery and spongey) and picked up the phone and pretended to make a phone call!

Really fun dive. Must do some more exploring soon and see all the other bits of the wreck.

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