Dive 266: Shark Fin Reef, Similan Island #3 (Thailand)

Dive time: 00:54:00
Max depth: 28.0 metres
Temperature: 28 C
Visibility: 30 metres
Buddy: Axl
Surface interval: 03:01:00

My first buddy Edwin had issues equalising so I was turfed to the other group of divers with Axl as the dive guide and two other guys. The site was one massive rock that gently sloped upwards, with a few squeezy but nice swimthroughs, including one with some fans that I thought I was going to tear through (luckily I didn’t!). A really nice cruisy and relaxing dive with lots of green tube coral, fans, whip corals and anemones. There was a bit of a current in the middle of the dive so it was even a chilled out drift dive.

I saw some three-spot angelfish, parrotfish, moorish idols, schooling bannerfish, a massive round batfish, a giant triggerfish, a small hawksbill turtle asleep in a hole, white spotted boxfishes, about 4-5 barracuda near the surface, 3 giant trevally, oriental sweetlips, a billion fusiliers, and spotted unicornfish.


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