Dive 270: Three Trees, Similan Island #9 (Thailand)

Dive time: 00:58:00
Max depth: 26.2 metres
Temperature: 29 C
Visibility: 30 metres
Buddy: Axl, Stefan
Surface interval: 03:06:00

Another superb dive with a descent into the blue into 20 metres of sand and large boulders. Lots of sea fans, a few barrel sponges, and loads of red and purple soft corals. Axl pointed a few cool things like a spearing mantis shrimp, a cute little juvenile oriental sweetlip swimming like mad on a piece of fishing net, a white feather star walking around on the sand, and a tiny pipefish.

Halfway through the dive, Stefan’s French buddy had a problem so Axl surfaced with him and I completed the dive with Stefan. He was taking photos so swimming along slowly, which suited me fine since he always found some cool stuff to photograph that I always missed.

I also saw a massive circular batfish, a spiny lobster, a lionfish, loads of closed up anemones with anemonefish and clownfish poking out from the top, a clown triggerfish, masked porcupinefish, a parrotfish with a remora clinging to its left side, yellowfin emperors, and right at the end we saw a school of around 30 blackfin barracuda and a lone dogtooth tuna circling around us on the safety stop. Nice dive!

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