Tablet love

After much lusting and months of self-negotiation, I have finally succumbed and forked out my hard-earned dollars for a sexy new iPad. Now that I have one, I wonder why it has taken me so long to buy one!

For the most part, I didn’t feel that I really needed a tablet. I figured that for normal computing, my laptop did the job perfectly well, and for mobility, you couldn’t beat the size of the iPhone. It turns out that I was wrong.

The beauty of the iPad is that it turns on at the press of a button, unlike the laptop, which has to power on. It’s also supremely more portable than my 17″ laptop, which is much heavier and bulkier to carry. And for what I do on my laptop, which is mostly writing, emailing and surfing the web, I can also easily do on the iPad.

I had been considering upgrading my 2007 MacBook Pro for a new, slim MacBook Air, but in the end, I have traded in using my laptop for my iPad and saved myself around $400. I will still use my laptop for photo processing but the iPad is so nice to use for pretty much everything else.

20120901-073756 PM.jpg

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