Dive 284: The Apartments, Long Reef

Dive time: 00:47:00
Max depth: 23.8 metres
Temperature: 17 C
Visibility: 10 metres
Buddy: Caro

This dive was organised by Steve and his mate Greg on our own private charter with Herb.  It was my first dive in Sydney since the one with Steve back in March.

We motored out to Long Reef and jumped into the water.  Even with my hood on I could feel the water was freezing cold.  I spent most of the dive mulling over whether I could bear doing a second dive in this ice cold water.

The reef was mostly big granite boulders with kelp on top.  We saw quite a few blue groupers (male and female), big schools of eastern pomfrets, old wives, striped wrasse, a large Sargent Baker and leatherjacket.

I felt a bit overweighted for the dive.  I sank like a stone when I first descended and had to pump a fair bit of air during the dive to stay neutral.  Must remember next time not to use 4 weights!

In the end I decided not to do the second dive, and just enjoyed the surface interval where we putted around whale spotting, and even saw two baby humpbacks performing full breaches.  Amazing!

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