The need for speed – my first Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

I’ve been keenly following Formula 1 over the last two seasons.  I would never describe myself as a revhead or anything, but I found myself watching my first race on television late one night with a lot more interest than I ever thought possible for a car race.

On the weekend, I flew down to Melbourne for my first race – the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.  Saturday’s qualifying was a wet one, with constant delays while race control waited and waited for the rain to clear.  In the end, only the first session of qualifying went ahead with the next two sessions postponed to the morning of race day.  We ended up spending most of the day stuck inside the bar to escape the rain!

Sunday saw much better weather, with some light drizzle and a big downpour constantly threatening.  We walked the main straight in the morning, and watched some of the teams practise their pit stops.

main straight walk australian f1 grand prix boy dressed as lewis hamilton raikkonen garage australian f1 grand prix


Before the race, we tried to stalk some of the drivers.  This is the back of Sebastian Vettel’s head!

back of sebastian vettel


There was some fun around the place to keep you occupied outside of the race, including lots of classic cars and being entertained by the Roulettes.

vintage fire engine goggomobile the roulettes australian f1 grand prix fa-18 super hornet australian f1 grand prixdelorean


We had fantastic seats in the grandstand along the main straight, pretty much right on the start/finish line.  We saw all the cars and the crew on the grid just before the race, and saw the podium presentation following Kimi Raikkonen’s win.

starting grid australian f1 grand prix mark webber australian f1 grand prix australian f1 grand prix podium australian f1 grand prix podium australian f1 grand prix podium australian f1 grand prix podium


The appalling weather aside, it was a super fun weekend with an exciting race, a great vibe, and lots of fun events and things to see.  We’re thinking of going to another race in the Formula 1 calendar later in the year. Montreal anyone?

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