Onesie funsie

Last weekend, I rallied my mates together for a pub crawl around my suburb of Balmain, but with a twist.

We dressed up in colourful onesies (alright, it was an excuse to again wear the onesies from our Canada ski trip!), visiting nine of the best local drinking establishments.  We drew a fair bit of attention from the Balmain locals, with quite a number of passing cars giving us a friendly beep as they drove past.

onesiesonesie pub crawlpolka dot onesieanimal onesiespolka dot onesie wedge moOf course, wearing a onesie and consuming many beverages is not an ideal combination, so toilet stops were a bit awkward, especially for us ladies.  It wasn’t particularly graceful or appealing having a pile of fleece around your ankles when you really needed to go.

One of the highlights of the onesie crawl was my friend Steve’s reciting of Mel Gibson’s Braveheart speech at the Sir William Wallace hotel, while standing on a bar stool.

braveheart william wallace onesiebalmain onesie pub crawlbalmain onesie pub crawlcow onesie

The night ended rather messily at the London Hotel, probably much earlier than a typical Saturday night, at around 9pm.  However, considering that we started the day at midday, then it was a long enough session for this 30-something!!onesiesonesies

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