Dive 223: Gran Cenote, Tulum (Mexico)

Dive time: 01:12:00
Max depth: 11.3 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 100 metres
Buddy: Adrian
Surface interval: 01:28:00

The Gran Cenote looked beautiful and inviting on the surface, and there were lots of swimmers and snorkellers there too. The water was just so sweet when we jumped in – so nice compared to ocean diving!

I followed Johannes with Adrian behind me along a line that had already been laid. It was amazing seeing all these stalactites in gin clear water. The viz was amazing!

Midway through the dive, Johannes gave me a much better torch and I could see even more. Really surreal feeling seeing caves with the gin clear viz – couldn’t believe that I was underwater because it looked like we were just floating in midair! We followed Johannes past some stop sign (Qualified cave divers only!). A bit scary. The most amazing view is back towards the sunlight and the cenote opening and seeing swimmers’ legs.

A beautiful dive!

Dive 222: Angelita Cenote, Tulum (Mexico)

Dive time: 00:40:00
Max depth: 42.4 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 30 metres
Buddy: Johannes

I was really excited to do this dive to see and go through the helocline cloud – a sulphur mix in the water that hangs between the fresh and salt water layers in the cenote. Angelita is a sinkhole that is fairly round in shape. I felt a bit murky going down, and the water is just blue until at 25m or so, where the helocline sits. It’s really eerie, since it looks like a cloudy mist and there is a mound in the middle that starts at 22m and goes to the bottom of the cenote. On the mound is a dead tree with branches snaking out. Really eerie!

Through the cloud, I couldn’t even see the DM Johannes just one metre in front of me – just his light. Then we were in the salt water where the visibility cleared again. There were lots of dead leaves on the bottom.

Coming back up through the depths, we explored the sides of the sinkhole, went into a small circular tunnel and saw a few little fish.

A really different and interesting dive! Lots of mosquitos on the surface though!