Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list, or a list of things that they want to do before they die.  Mine is a constantly evolving list, with things being added as something strikes me when I’ve been reading, conversations with others, or plain crazy flights of fancy!

Anyone else had some similar experiences?

  1. Fly overseas in first class  (Dec 2007 – I was upgraded from Business Class from Sydney to London.  What a way to travel! Caviar and Dom Perignon.  When I was disembarking and had to walk through the business class cabin, I thought that those business class seats looked awfully small)
  2. Log 100 dives  (Jan 2006 – I was on a liveaboard in Jervis Bay and had pretty much forgotten it was my 100th dive until Suz started gesturing to me.  Thank god I wasn’t nude though – the water was COLD!)
  3. Learn to surf  (Jun 2005 – I was in Byron Bay for a weekend and did a day course.  Lots of fun.  I managed to be able to paddle out, catch a wave and stand up)
  4. Backpack around China
  5. Read Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey
  6. Go camping in the bush  (Apr 2007 – I went to the Blue Mountains with some friends.  Our tent fell down in the middle of the night in the rain, mostly because we used the wrong poles for the tent!  Nice walks and fun experience)
  7. Go trekking in South America  (Oct 2004 – I did the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, which was an amazing experience.  It wasn’t very difficult but a good mental challenge)
  8. Visit my World Vision sponsor children in Honduras or China  (Mar 2010 – Visited Danny in Honduras and met his family.  Was taken around their neighbourhood and saw the great work that World Vision has done in their community)
  9. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb
  10. Learn fluent Chinese
  11. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower  (Jun 2009 – I was in Paris with my brother and we walked up the Eiffel Tower to the second level before getting the lift to the top.  Amazing views!)
  12. Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice
  13. Drink a whole bottle of Chinotto
  14. Eat a licorice strap
  15. Ski in Switzerland or France  (Jan 2008 – I skied in Tignes and Val d’Isere.  Amazing powder runs and just so much skiable area.  Can’t wait to come back here!)
  16. Scuba dive in the Maldives
  17. Train in taekwondo in Korea
  18. Visit every capital city in Australia
  19. Take a spin in a Shelby Cobra
  20. Watch Top Gun  (2006 – I finally got around to watching this movie.  A good bloke movie and a lot of fun.  Tom Cruise is a good looking man!)
  21. Appear in an amateur theatre production
  22. Take a cruise through Milford Sound
  23. Watch a whole cricket test live
  24. Scuba dive with hammerhead sharks  (Oct 2010 – Dived in the Red Sea on the same itinerary as 2009, where I didn’t see a thing!  On my 250th dive, saw 3 hammerheads, then had another hammerhead on another dive, and then the piece de resistance – at least 12 hammerheads on one dive.  Absolutely amazing)
  25. Scuba dive with whale sharks  (Mar 2010 – Diving in Utila, Honduras, while I was backpacking through Central America.  The whale shark was a baby around 5m long – beautiful! Such an amazing experience)
  26. Scuba dive with great white sharks
  27. Scuba dive with a whale
  28. Learn fluent Spanish
  29. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
  30. Own a car  (Apr 2011 – Bought mum and dad’s Ford Focus from them since I needed a car to drive to work. Yay, finally at the age of 31!)
  31. Own a house
  32. Go skydiving
  33. Learn to ski moguls
  34. Ski the Vallee Blanche
  35. Have a ride in a helicopter
  36. Have a threesome
  37. Visit every continent
  38. Learn to sail
  39. Go heli-skiing
  40. Trek to Everest base camp
  41. Scuba dive on an aircraft carrier
  42. Have a photo published in a magazine
  43. Learn to ride a motorcycle  (Jun 2009 – I did my CBT course in London and picked it up a lot quicker than I expected.  It was a bit nerve wracking going out on the road for the first time and I was quite relieved to have passed)
  44. Write and record my own song
  45. Dye my hair  (Feb 2011 – Bought a voucher on a group deal website for a wash, cut colour and blowdry for something like £30!)
  46. Make pizzas from scratch
  47. Make pasta from scratch
  48. See the Northern Lights  (Jan 2011 – Went to Iceland to see the Lights and it was blizzarding and cloudy as all hell.  Didn’t see a thing!)
  49. Visit Tulum  (Dec 2009 – Visited Tulum on my Central American Travels.  Went to the Mayan ruins overlooking the coast, and also dived in some cenotes.  A very different and amazing experience)
  50. Get a facial  (Nov 2010 – Bought a group deal voucher for a facial, massage and manicure for cheap – very relaxing!)
  51. Complete a triathlon
  52. Run a marathon
  53. See the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform live
  54. Buy an investment property (Jul 2013 – After only a few weeks of househunting, I bought a little apartment in the south-western suburbs of Sydney, home to some fantastic Lebanese food!)
  55. Go on a truffle hunt

5 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Ness

    We share some bucket list items in common! Esp skydiving – I have that on my list to achieve this year – have already located a school, I want to do the full skydiving licence so need to put some pennies aside it’s not cheap 😦
    I can’t believe u have never seen RHCP live, girl u r missing out! How did that happen?
    While you’re up this month we should chat about 16 & 18 – and I def don’t want 26 to come true while you’re up here 🙂


  2. Chuckle

    I have no idea where my bucket list is these days, but you’ve inspired me to dig it out & get it going again! Count me in for the Harbour Bridge, the cricket test & Kili as they are all on my list. You can also sign me up for an Italian cooking day… I have already done a pizza to quite a degree of success so happy to share a little expertise. Haha. As for the Northern Lights… do I get to tick them off given I was on the good side of the plane and saw the green glow in the sky??? 🙂


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