A walk in the Peak District

I want a dog!

I just spent a fun weekend up in Manchester and Wigan to visit my friend Ness, who will soon be moving to Reading.  It’s not like me to turn down hospitality and a tour of Manchester, so I caught an early train up to Manchester on Saturday and we spent the whole day chatting non-stop, catching up on the last 14 months since we last saw each other.  Luckily, girls are good at multitasking and we were able to “walk and talk” while getting the tour of the city, which coincided not only with market day (delicious lamb sausages in a roll!) but also a pro-China protest. Who would’ve thought….

On Sunday, I made my first trip to the beautiful Peak District for a walk in the woods with Ness’s dog Ozzie, and all his friends!





We walked a 3-mile path from Milldale to Dove Dale, with the return trip making it a healthy 6-mile amble (or 9.7km in non-Brit speak!).  The dogs had a fantastic time whenever they were off their leads – chasing each other, sniffing each other’s bums, and retrieving sticks from the river.  The weather got a little drizzly during the day, but we stayed mostly dry.

The area around here is beautiful, and I think most of the area is National Trust, so it is definitely ideal for walks in the summer!

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