Dive 260: The Pines, Brisbane

Dive time: 00:33:00
Max depth: 15.4 metres
Temperature: 26 C
Visibility: 5 metres
Buddy: Nathan Carey

I should’ve known that I was in for a crap dive considering that it has been over a year since my last dive, the tank valve was really tight to crack, I almost jumped off the boat without my fins, when I was trying to change the time of my dive computer the display indicated that the battery was low, and my reg started leaking and free-flowing on the boat and needed to be slightly adjusted by twisting the face plate a little looser.

As soon as I descended, my computer started beeping like crazy and continued to beep and flash throughout the whole bloody dive, indicating that it was not logging the dive. Ness’s buddy, Trevor, ended up putting his spare bottom timer on my arm, and I just had to put up with the constant beeping and a leaky reg for the whole dive.

The current was pretty strong, and as we were cruising past we saw lots of blue-spotted rays, turtles (including one massive one wedged under a rock), wobbegongs (one swam right underneath me and made me slightly nervous) and lion fish.

I didn’t end up shooting up my new DSMB since Nathan shot up his. I chickened out!

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